Gary Talks About God

Ecclesiastes - The Emptiness of Money [May 3, 2020]

Want to be rich?  Solomon did and was.  How'd it work out for him?  You'll probably guess from the title, but tune in anyway and find out more as Gary talks about The Emptiness of Money.

Ecclesiastes - A Time for Eternity [April 26, 2020]

Join Gary (and the Byrds, and maybe even Bob Seger) as we look again at Ecclesiastes and "A Time for Eternity".

Ecclesiastes - Living in an Upside Down World [April 19, 2020]

With everything spinning as it is today, Gary takes a moment to look at the relevancy of Ecclesiastes to our modern-day world.  Join us for part 1 as we look at Living in an Upside Down World.

EASTER - Why Jesus Lives [April 12, 2020]

Apparently I have lost my mind and totally forgot to post last week's episode.  Sorry about that!  Here's the conclusion to Gary's Easter series.  Tune in and find out Why Jesus Lives!

EASTER - What Jesus Does [April 3, 2020]

Join us for part two of our Easter series and a study of What Jesus Does.

EASTER - How Jesus Loves [March 29, 2020]

Join us for the first podcast in our Easter series.  In this sermon, Gary looks at Romans 5:6-11 and :How Jesus Loves".

Special - Faithfulness in Times of Trouble [March 22, 2020]

Ever have a time of trouble and feel as if God may not have heard you?  I'd be willing to bet there are many who feel this way right now.  They're not alone, and they're not the first.  In fact, Habakkuk found himself demanding answers from an Almighty God.  Want to find out how God answered?  Grab your Bible and join Gary as he looks at Habakkuk 3!

Special - Fear Not [March 15, 2020]

In a crazy time, you should tune-in for this special edition of the Gary Talks About God podcast.  Gary riddles through it all and explains why we don't need to approach the current COVID 19 (Coronavirus) crisis with fear.

68 - Israel in Egypt [March 8, 2020]

67 - Path of Reconcilliation [March 1, 2020]

In this episode, Gary looks at how Joseph and his brothers were reconciled and parallels that to Christ's reconcillation of man.

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