Gary Talks About God

61 - Abiding God [January 12, 2020]

In this episode, we're back in Genesis!  Tune in as Gary looks at God's presence in both the good and the bad times in our life.

New Year - Attitudes [January 5, 2020]

It's 2020 - time to go paint the carport... and check out Gary's latest message.  In this episode, Gary looks at how God wants you prioritize your new year!

Christmas 5 - Simeon’s Song [December 29, 2019]

In this episode of the Gary Talks About God podcast, join Gary as he looks from the the manger to the cross.  

Christmas 4 - Angel’s Song [December 22, 2019]

Join us this week as Gary looks at the birth announcement of Christ via the song of the angels!  

Christmas 3 - Come to the King [December 15, 2019]

This week's message follows the big cantata at Red Bank, and that's why it's a little less content than what we typically share.  Come join us on the journey to the throne as we talk about coming before our King. 

Christmas 2 - Zechariah’s Song [December 8, 2019]

Christmas 1 - Mary’s Song [December 1, 2019]

It's Christmas again!  Join the congregation at Red Bank as the first candle on the Advent wreath is lit!

60 - Sin, Grace and Glory [November 24, 2019]

59 - God’s Plan [November 17, 2019]

This week, Gary visits Genesis 37 and looks at a person who could be argued to be the most featured person of Genesis (spoiler alert: that person is Joseph). 

58 - Two Nations, Two Responses [November 10, 2019]

Turn your cellphone's ringer off and get your Bible ready!  In this episode, Gary jumps back ten chapters to help us gain perspective on Genesis 35.  We'll see the lines of the two children of Rebekah go on to make two nations... each with a different response to God.