Join Gary as he puts the groundwork into place for a look at the new covenant by first examining the old covenant.  Get your Bible and let's look toge...View Details

We're back and today we're looking at Hebrews 10!

Join Gary and the RBMBC congregation as we wrap-up our walk through Habakkuk with this 6 installment and examine Habakkuk 3.

In this installment, we continue our study in Habakkuk with a study titled "Growing Our Faith".

Hey podcast listeners!  Sorry about the recent delays in posting.  Our podcast guy has been sleeping or something.  Anyway, we're glad you've decided ...View Details

Join us as we go through Habakkuk 2 and look at God's answer to Habakkuk.

Today, Gary looks at Unity.  Join us as we open the Word to Ephesians 4.

We're back in Habakkuk 1 and digging deeper into Habakkuk's complaints.

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