Archive for January 2021

Join Gary as he again cracks open the Bible.  This week we are looking at I Peter 4:7-11 as we continue our Exiled study with a sermon titled "Jesus' ...View Details

Join Gary as he not only examines the need every man has to clean his car before going on vacation, but also as he walks us through I Peter 4:1-6 in t...View Details

We're continuing the Exiled study with a look at the suffering of Jesus.  This week, Gary examines I Peter 3:18-22.

We're back in our Exiled study of 1-2 Peter.  In this installment, Gary takes us through I Peter 3 and examines the concept of Suffering for Righteous...View Details

Happy new year!  Join us today for a look at Luke 4 as Gary continues to point to the immutable truth that is manifest in Jesus Christ and suggests He...View Details

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