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This week finds our podcast taking a look at the last portion of Genesis 21.  Listen as Gary looks at what it means to be a sojourner and how we too a...View Details

Sure, Father's Day was a week ago, and maybe you're not even a dad... nevertheless, this particular sermon speaks to all.  Join us this week as Gary d...View Details

Gary's not here dude!  :D  Seriously, someone let Gary have a Sunday off... but don't worry, we've still got something for you!  Join us for a "Classi...View Details

This week, Gary takes a few moments to count the days until Christmas, recounts waiting to receive a watch and looks at God's more important promises ...View Details

This is not a repeat!  Do not attempt to adjust your iPod!  In this episode, Abraham makes the same mistake he made just a few podcasts back.  Tune in...View Details

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