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Journey with us this week through John 18.  In this episode, Gary looks at Peter's lapse of faith and how his lapse in judgement may parallel our live...View Details

It's a midweek podcast blitz!  In this episode, we take a break from Genesis for a six-week look at the the final steps of Christ.  In this episode, G...View Details

35 - Wavering

In this episode, Gary looks at Genesis 16 and examines Abram's wavering faith, looks at how it may parallel our lives, and discusses the implication o...View Details

34 - Called to Believe

Gary delves into Genesis 15 and looks at Abram's calling, signs given by God and looks at the parallels in God's guarantees to Abram and His guarantee...View Details

On the lighter side of this episode, Red Bank Missionary Baptist Church gets a brand new light that motivates the folks in the pews to remain awake!  ...View Details

32 - Redemption

Gary cites a scriptural parallel between the Old Testament account of Abram's rescue of Lot and the New Testament truth of Christ as our Redeemer and ...View Details

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